Game of Thrones Gear!

Hello, today I’m going to show you some sweet Game of Thrones gear! I’m a huge fan of the show, and I always love to represent my favorite shows.

Winter is Coming Zip-Up Hoodie

Winter is coming my friends, and the best ways to keep warm is to wear a nice hoodie! This Game of Thrones hoodie is a perfect gift for anyone that is a fan of the show. It will keep you warm in style. [Purchase]

Iron Throne Replica

This is one awesome piece. It’s the almighty Iron Throne, and it looks amazing! It would be one wicked piece in you’re place, but would it be worth the price.. dun..dun..dun..! This bad boy hits a home-run with a price sitting at $31,008! This throne is no joke, as it is officially licensed by HBO, and it’s a full size replica. What a product indeed! Oh yeah and to buy, here’s the link.. good luck! [Purchase]

Game of Thrones Sword

How about something a little sharp! Well here’s something that definitely fits that category. It’s not a toy, and is no joke. It’s sharp, and could easily hurt someone if not handled properly. Officially licensed by HBO, makes this sword one hell of a piece.  [Purchase]

Game of Thrones Books

How about something a little more subtle. It’s not that expensive, and it’s something that you can relax and enjoy. If you’re a huge fan, then I recommend that you read the actual books. These books will complete your obsession with the Game of Thrones trilogy! [Purchase]

Game of Thrones Coffee Mug

This is the perfect, reasonable priced item for a great gift. If your friend, or yourself are huge fans of the show and are huge fans of coffee; then this is the right mug for you! [Purchase]

Well there you have it! All of these items are awesome, and are going to make any fan of the show happy. Enjoy your newly bought items!


Breaking Bad Season 5 – Buried and Confessions


Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode Buried.

Another fantastic episode of the hit show Breaking Bad has passed. Two episodes in, and things are still heating up. In this episode Hank immediately gets in contact with Skyler, to see if she knows anything. Hank and Skyler show up at some coffee house, where Hank tries to convince Skyler to speak about anything pertaining to Walt’s meth business. Hank has no idea that Skyler has been apart of this for a while now, and Hank feels like Skyler is being pinned down to not say anything. Skyler reacts with wanting a lawyer, and continually yells “Am I under arrest!” Skyler is able to make it out with no confessions spilled. Walt on the other hand is trying to get his money moved. He gives Saul a call and asks him to get his boys to move the money from the storage container. The money is moved and brought to Walt. Walt knows Skyler has been in contact with Hank, so he has to make a move. Walt Decides to put his money underground out in the desert. This is very close to the location where Walt and Jessie did their first cook in the RV. Walt returns home, where Skyler conveys that she didn’t say anything to Hank. On the other hand Hank has no evidence, and returns to work finally. When he’s at work, he finds out that Jessie Pinkman has been arrested. Hank Decides that he needs to give Jessie a little visit.

Did you enjoy this episode? Did you think that Jessie was going to say anything?

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode Confessions

Woo another episode down. Three episodes in, and the show just got even more intense. This episode has personally been my favorite so far. Lets recap the episode shall we. This was a huge episode. Walt is called by Todd, to be informed that there has been some changed in management. Walt and Skyler meanwhile join Hank and Marie for a little chat. Well Walt is trying to convince Hank that there is nothing to worry about anymore. Walt pledges that he is out of the business. Hank is thinking that Walt is out of his mind for thinking that he would just let him go. Marie wants Hank to put Walt away, and for the kids to come to their house so they’d be safe. Walt on the other hand is prepared for Hank to not let it go. Walt made his so called “confession” tape just for Hank. The confession video, didn’t make Walt look like the bad guy, but indeed made Hank look it. The video was all about how Hank made Walt do all that he did. It worked perfectly, makes Hank and Marie blindsided. Jessie is out of jail, and didn’t confess anything to Hank. Jessie just seems at lost. He doesn’t know what to do, where to go, and how to go about doing things. Walt and Jessie meet up, out in the middle of no where. It becomes a huge emotional moment, where Jessie has actually broken down. Walt suggests using the number that Saul has to become a new person, with a new identity. Jessie agrees, and decides that he will go to Alaska. It wouldn’t go down that easy now would it. Jessie is getting ready to board the bus, and be on his way. When suddenly he decides to smoke, and then realizes that the his ricin is missing from the pack. Jessie then rushes to  Saul’s office, blaming him on why the ricin was gone, and saying that he knew about Brock’s poisoning. He said he knew about it, but didn’t know what Walt was going to do with it. Jessie, extremely pissed bombards Walt’s home and pours gasoline all over it. Walt receives the warning call from Saul, and makes up some excuse to look into the vending machine. In the vending machine is a pistol, that Walt has grabbed. He then makes an excuse again, that he has to head somewhere to pickup a prescription that he’d forgotten about.

Wow what an intense episode huh? What do you think Walt is going to do to Jessie? What is Jessie going to do to Walt?

Also, sorry about being a little late on these discussions!

Upcoming Shows

There are a lot of shows to watch, and favorites are about to start up a new season again soon. Here’s a list of ones coming in a month or less!

Sons of Anarchy – 18 Days, September 10, 2013 – Season 6 Premiere

A man in his early 30s struggles to find a balance in his life between being a    new dad and his involvement in a motorcycle club.

Sons of Anarchy, aka SAMCRO, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses in the small town of Charming. They combine gun-running and a garage, plus involvement in porn film. Clay, the president, likes it old school and violent; while Jax, his stepson and the club’s VP, has thoughts about changing the way things are, based on his dead father’s journal. Their conflict has effects on both the club and their personal relationships. Written by Pia

I personally have not watched any of this series at all. I need to make time to watch this sometime, as I’ve been keeping my eye on it. Have you watched this show? Would you recommend this show?

Vampire Diaries – 1 Month, October 3, 2013 – Season 5 Premiere

A high school girl is torn between two vampire brothers.

After 145 years, the virtuous vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) returns to his home town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and falls for the beautiful Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), a girl with a tragic past and uncanny resemblance to his lost love Katherine. Alwasy close on Stefan’s heels is his vampire brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder), a ruthless killer who also loved Katherine and is determined to make Stefan’s after-life a living hell in any way he can. But underneath the surface of the sleepy town is a world of mystery, magic, and intrigue, where no one is safe and everyone is hiding a secret… Written by KneelBeforeTodd

I’ve watched some of the first season of this show, and just couldn’t get into it. I felt like I was watching some teenage drama series. Family kept telling me to give it a chance, but I haven’t watched anymore since. I don’t know if I should continue watching it. What do you think? Is it worth watching more of it?

Supernatural – 1 Month, October 8, 2013 – Season 9 Premiere

Two brothers follow their father’s footsteps as “hunters” fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

This television drama is about two brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go “bump in the night” after his wife, Mary, was murdered by evil supernatural being when the boys were young. 22 years later the brothers set out on a journey, fighting evil along the way, to find their recently missing father who, when they finally meet up with, reveals he knows what killed their mother, a demon, and has found a way to track and kill it. Meanwhile, Sam starts to develop frightening abilities that include death visions, visions of people dying before it actually happens. These visions are somehow connected to the demon who murdered his mother and its mysterious plans that seem to be all about Sam. When their father dies striking a deal with the very same devil that had killed his wife, the brothers, now alone and without their mentor, are determined to finish the crusade their father started. But disturbing revelations about Sam’s part in the demon’s apocalyptic plans are presented when John’s dying last words to Dean are revealed. Written by Rachel B.

I’ve watched some of the first season’s episodes, and really enjoyed them. I have a lot of catching up to do. I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in old legends, paranormal, etc. It’s a fun show, that keeps you on your toes!

The Walking Dead – 1 Month, October 13, 2013 – Season 4 Premiere

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. Rick Grimes is a former Sheriff’s deputy who has been in a coma for several months after being shot whilst on duty. When he wakes, he discovers that the world has been taken over by Zombies, and that he seems to be the only person still alive. Having returned home to discover his wife and son missing, he heads for Atlanta to search for his family. Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Zombies on arrival in Atlanta, he is aided by another survivor Glenn who takes Rick to a camp outside the town. There Rick finds his wife Lori and son Carl. Along with his partner and best friend Shane, he founds a small group of survivors who struggle to fend off the zombie hordes, as well as competing with other survivor groups who are prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. Written by WellardRockard

I’ve watched through all the season’s, and I’m ready for season 4! I absolutely love this show. The cast of characters, suspense, action, and eeriness makes this show a must see. If you haven’t watched this show yet, give it a try. It might just peak your interest, especially if you’re a fan of apocalyptic scenarios.

Alright well there’s the list of shows that are premiering soon. Keep in mind that this is a list of shows that I’m interested in, or have watched some and need to catch up. These are probably not the only shows premiering soon!


Ghost Adventures, Season 8 Premiere

Ghost Adventures, on Travel Channel!

The all new season of Ghost Adventures premieres tonight. Zak, Nick, and Aaron are heading to Goodsprings, NV to investigate the Pioneer Saloon. It’s one of the oldest saloons in the country. They hope to find evidence of a celebrity that died near the saloon in a plane crash, and many other paranormal activities.

It’s good to see that this show is still up and running, as it is one of my favorites. I enjoy learning about the different locations, and the paranormal activity that takes place. I’ve been watching ever since it began, and haven’t missed any episodes so far. If you enjoy learning about the history of a place, and watching the eeriness of paranormal activity.. then this is your show. Hold on cause I’m sure there are plenty of goose-bump moments!

Tell me what you think of the show… Do you believe it? Is this one of your favorite shows?

Orange is the New Black

orange, is , the, new, black, orange is the new black, netflix, show, tv

If you haven’t watched this show, then stop what you’re doing and get to it. I promise you won’t regret it, it’s an outstanding show.

I’ve just recently finished the first season of the new hit Netflix show, Orange is the New Black. I have to say that it is quit interesting, and also very funny at moments. It’s not a surprise tho, because Jenji Kohan is a genius, and is the creator of weeds the hit series on showtime.

The acting played out by each character is outstanding. They all play their part every well, which makes it believable for someone who’s never been in prison before.

I’m glad that you get to follow in the foot steps of many prisoners. Getting to know their back story… that just makes you care ever so slightly more about each and every one of them. I don’t know if I would be as into it as I am, if they didn’t include the whole cast of characters, as an important part of the show. I have to give props to Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) and Laura Prepon, for their amazing performance in the show.

I also found out about Laura Prepon ( Tv Character, Alex Vause) not being in the show for that much longer. Netflix has said that she’d be in for part of season 2, to wrap up her story. They also said that she may return later in the show some time. It kind of boggles my mind that she would just be taken out of the show. I think she plays a big part in this, and how do they get rid of her being a part of prison. Her time isn’t possibly up already. Well it makes me sad to see her go, as I really enjoyed her performance. Hopefully she will return later.

Anyways let me know what you think of the show, and how it will play out with Laura Prepon not being apart of it.

orange, is , the, new, black, orange is the new black, netflix, show, tv

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