Breaking Bad Season 5 – Rabid Dog



Rabid Dog Recap

This is by far one of the most intense episodes yet. We return, where Walt is on his way to his house, knowing that Jessie is there pouring gasoline all over it. Walt arrives to his house, and decides to enter from the back. With his gun ready, he enters the perimeter. Looking for Jessie, Walt realizes that Jessie is no where to be found.

Walt know figures that he has to have some reasoning behind why there is gasoline in he carpet floor. Well first he gets a carpet cleaning crew to come clean the floors, in which it didn’t fully take care of the problem. So knowing Walt, he’s going to have some master plan on why all of this ended up happening. Soon enough his wife Skyler, and his son Walt Jr, walk in. Their confused and as they walk in the door, Walt is on his knees scrubbing the floor. He explains the whole situation, that the gas pump exploded out gasoline, and drenched him. He left his clothes on the carpet, which caused the house to smell. Walt Jr, comes up with another explanation, pertaining his sickness. Walt Jr thinks that his dad passed out from the smell of the gas, and that caused this whole situation. Skyler knows that his is all a bunch of bull, but plays along because her son is sitting with them. Walt suggests that they’d go to a hotel, where they can allow this to get fixed in the meantime.

Now we’re back to the part where Jessie is pouring gasoline all over Walt’s house. Right before Jessie is about to drop the match, Hank comes running in. Hank makes a proposal, that if Jessie would help him, that he’d be out of all this trouble. Jessie just needs to tell Hank what he knows. Jessie agrees, and Hank drives him strait to his house. Jessie wakes up, and Hank and his partner are there waiting. Hank is setting up a camera, to record Jessie’s story. Jessie tells his story, and Hank and his partner are lost, because it doesn’t prove anything about Walt. Hank then realizes that Jessie received a call from Walt, telling him to meet him in the plaza to talk.

In the meantime, Walt and Skyler are having a conversation about what is really going on.  Skyler know that Walt is not telling her something. Walt has no choice, but to just tell her flat out. He explains the situation, and Skyler thinks that their in big danger. She then goes off by saying that Walt could basically just deal with it. Walt’s confused about what Skyler is trying to tell him, or he just doesn’t believe what she is saying. Walt then explains that he’s not just some kid, that he’s someone that means something to him.

Back to Hank and Jessie. Their on the way to the plaza, where Jessie is going to confront Walt. Walt is sitting right in the middle of the plaza, where many people are hanging around. Jessie gets out of the car and makes his way towards Walt. Jessie stalls, as he sees a man sitting over yonder, just watching him. He panics and makes his way away from Walt. Jessie goes to a near payphone, where he dials Walt’s number, and threatens him. Walt doesn’t understand, and he is know panicking. The man that was looking at Jessie, was just another guy playing with his daughter in the plaza. He wasn’t part of Walt’s plan at all. Hank is utterly confused by what Jessie just did. Jessie is picked up in the van, and tells Hank that theirs another way.

The episode comes to and end where Walt is calling Todd, and letting him know that theirs another job at hand.

Now I’m going to ask this question again, because I think this episode adds a whole new layer onto the cake.


Breaking Bad Season 5, Blood Money and Buried

Tonight is the second episode of the returning sensational show, Breaking Bad.  After tonight there will only be six remaining episodes! It makes me very sad to see the show come to an end. Breaking Bad has been one of my favorite shows of all time. The shear acting, plot, and tenseness is outstanding.

Well lets recap last weeks episode. We know that Hank has found the information regarding to Wal

t’s drug secret. Hank is blindsided by this information, and doesn’t really know how to react. He keeps his cool, but when Hank and Marie leave Walt’s house… It hits Hank hard. Hank has a bad panic attack on the way home, which tells you that he is really in disbelief. Boxes and boxes getting brought to his house, containing case files. Hank is looking over every possible piece of evidence to prove to himself that this is for real.

Walt on the other hand is out of the business. He works at the car wash, and even suggests to buy another one. Skyler seems to be much better with Walt, and even suggests a car wash that she herself wouldn’t mind buying. We also find out the Walt’s cancer is back.

Jessie is trying to get rid of his guilt for all that he has done. He doesn’t want to hold onto his “blood money” anymore. He hands out a wad of cash to a homeless man. Jessie starts throwing his money out the window of his car. At first Jessie tried to give it to Saul, to give to his parents and Mikes grand daughter. Saul accepts it, but call Walt to fix this. Walt brings Jessie his money back, and then the conversation of Mike starts up. Walt lies about Mike being dead, but Jessie doesn’t really believe him.

Walt realizes that Hank knows about his drug crime. Hank has been in his garage all day. Walt decides to show up to Hank’s house, and confront him on why there is a tracker on his car. Hank is supper pissed that the whole time it has been Walt himself. Hank throws a punch at Walt, and it just takes off from there. The scene gets tense, and Walt suggests that Hank treads lightly.

The new episode tonight is called Buried. What could that mean? What’s going to happen between Walt and Hank?

Well tune in tonight, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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