Television is Better than Movies, or vice-versa?

Today I want to talk about television and movies. Is television better than movies, or are movies better than television? It’s a question that I’ve made my mind up on, but I’m curious as to what other people think. I made made a pros and cons list on TV and movies, to better help me figure out what is better in my mind. So I got some paper, and started to write it out, and from the results, I was right in the first place. Lets move onto the list shall we?

Pros – Television

The pros that stood out in TV are going to be listed here. This is the list that I came up with. If you have any additions, then please leave me a comment down below! I would love to add to this list!

  • Television can be recorded to watch later. Movies can to, but not the general one that you want most of the time. There is also a general list of movies that are being played for free, and that list stays the same for a while before they change it. Basically it’s harder to record the exact movie that you want, than it is to record the TV series that you want.
  • Television has long series, that can keep the story going. Television has the power to make many series in the process of telling it’s story. Movies have a time limit of about two hours, to three. Many people would be upset sitting there for three hours in a movie theater, but that’s just because they’re boring! Anyways movies don’t have the time to always tell their complete story, so they have to go into production to make a sequel.
  • Television shows are on each week, with a new episode. It’s always a good, when your favorite show comes on that night!
  • I feel that television gets you move involved with the actual story and the cast of characters. You become more connected with whats happening, and what’s going on with your favorite characters. In movies you have your main character, and you don’t usually become that connected to them. They’re just not that important!
  • I also believe that television is more memorable than movies. If you asked me about a certain show, and told me to tell you about it, then I probably could. Movies I tend to forget, and I don’t remember much about them all the time.
  • Television is built up. It’s story carries on, the characters become more important. The story becomes more exciting and intense.

Pros – Both

  • Television and movies both are provided on paid services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Television and movies botherĀ  offer great entertainment, and I’m not saying that either one is terrible.

Pros – Movies

  • Movies can be rented and watched later that day. This allows you to rent whatever movie you want from maybe iTunes, paper-view, etc.
  • Movies are short and usually finish after the first one. Most movies don’t have a sequel and just end, even when they don’t feel like they should have.
  • Movies allow you to go out with your family and friends. It’s a get together thing, that most of the time you don’t do with television.
  • Going to the movies is fun, and it makes it a get out of the house thing!

Alright so there’s my pros list, and by the looks of it; I like television more than movies right? Well it’s true, I do indeed like watching TV series than I do movies. To me television is way more powerful than movies, because it does it’s job so much better. If you where to ask me which one tells it’s story better, I’d say television. I think that they should show popular TV series in the movie theaters! It would be amazing to go watch, say Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, or Dexter in a movie theater. A bunch of fans, all interested in the same show, all watching it on the big screen. It would be a blast!

Okay, now onto the cons list. I had a hard time with this part, as my brain stopped working once I got to here. So if you have anything to add, please leave a comment down below! If I like it and it makes since, then I’ll add it!

Cons – Television

  • Television sometimes go on for way to long, and they start to lose their greatness. A show that I really liked, called Weeds went on for a long time. It was great, but I just kept thinking… How are they going to end this? Then that time came… They ended the show, and it just felt like they gave up on it. The ending just wasn’t that great. Which to me seems like they got tired of the show, realized that it’s been going on for way to long… and then decided to end it.
  • To watch some shows you have to have a subscription to that service, such as HBO, Showtime, etc. This sucks, because I love the Game of Thrones and Dexter; but I don’t want to pay for their service all the time, because it gets expensive.

Cons – Both

  • Movies and television can be expensive. Paying to go to the movies, buying snacks, etc. Paying for television services, it all adds up!

Cons – Movies

  • Movies don’t always fell like their over and have ended, but they actually have. Sometimes when a movie ends, and the ending just seems out of place, you think there has to be another one right? Well not always, so this leads to confusion, and that just sucks.
  • Movies just don’t have enough time to make them as good as we all wish.

Well guys that’s my rant/discussion for today I hope that you enjoyed it, and can leave me some feedback! Tell me what you think about this whole talk, and even add onto it in the comments. Also tell me what you think of the idea that television should be shown in the movie theater.


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