Breaking Bad Season 5, Blood Money and Buried

Tonight is the second episode of the returning sensational show, Breaking Bad.  After tonight there will only be six remaining episodes! It makes me very sad to see the show come to an end. Breaking Bad has been one of my favorite shows of all time. The shear acting, plot, and tenseness is outstanding.

Well lets recap last weeks episode. We know that Hank has found the information regarding to Wal

t’s drug secret. Hank is blindsided by this information, and doesn’t really know how to react. He keeps his cool, but when Hank and Marie leave Walt’s house… It hits Hank hard. Hank has a bad panic attack on the way home, which tells you that he is really in disbelief. Boxes and boxes getting brought to his house, containing case files. Hank is looking over every possible piece of evidence to prove to himself that this is for real.

Walt on the other hand is out of the business. He works at the car wash, and even suggests to buy another one. Skyler seems to be much better with Walt, and even suggests a car wash that she herself wouldn’t mind buying. We also find out the Walt’s cancer is back.

Jessie is trying to get rid of his guilt for all that he has done. He doesn’t want to hold onto his “blood money” anymore. He hands out a wad of cash to a homeless man. Jessie starts throwing his money out the window of his car. At first Jessie tried to give it to Saul, to give to his parents and Mikes grand daughter. Saul accepts it, but call Walt to fix this. Walt brings Jessie his money back, and then the conversation of Mike starts up. Walt lies about Mike being dead, but Jessie doesn’t really believe him.

Walt realizes that Hank knows about his drug crime. Hank has been in his garage all day. Walt decides to show up to Hank’s house, and confront him on why there is a tracker on his car. Hank is supper pissed that the whole time it has been Walt himself. Hank throws a punch at Walt, and it just takes off from there. The scene gets tense, and Walt suggests that Hank treads lightly.

The new episode tonight is called Buried. What could that mean? What’s going to happen between Walt and Hank?

Well tune in tonight, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


Breaking Bad Gear

Well it’s almost over. Breaking Bad finalizes its epic,  jaw dropping series this fall. The first episode start this weekend, and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

Until… I found some of these amazing products!

What could be a better thing to celebrate it? Well buy someone or yourself, some awesome Breaking Bad items. I’ve got a list here, that will smooth out that craving for more Breaking Bad.

Check this out! Candy that looks like the meth Walt and Jessie make in the show. It’s the purest candy you could ever eat. At 99.1% this is no doubt why Walt and Jessie made their living. No one could come close to the quality that their product entailed.  It may not have the same effect that it does in the show, but I’m sure it still tastes great. [Purchase]

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Want to decorate your room with some Breaking Bad merchandise? Well I got the perfect place for you. Posters are a great way to give your living space a little more personality. Sense you’re a breaking bad fan, why not slap on a poster of it? There is a great set of options for buying the poster as well. You can buy the regular poster, but why not buy it as a canvas, wood mount, or even laminate it. It gets pricy, but if you’re a big fan then you’ll appreciate that extra bang for the buck. [Purchase][Purchase a different one]

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Want something really special? How about an iconic hat that Walter wears in the show? Well I found just the product for you. If you like hats, and you like Breaking Bad; then this hat is for you. The hat is not officially for purchase, but you can sign up to get the release information when it’s out. [Sign up]

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Well there’s a lot of great products pertaining to Breaking Bad. These were just some of my favorites that I found, and I thought that you would enjoy them as well. Have fun with your new gear!

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