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What…..Zombie Apparel, Uh Yes Please!

Wooooo, zombie apparel! Zombies are awesome, and have become one of the most well known monsters in the world. With television, movies, comics, etc including zombies; how wouldn’t it have become popular. Well I got some fashionable items for you today, from flip flops to the classic T-Shirt. Go ahead check it out!

Hey want some cool flip flops? Are you a fan of the undead? Well wear your favorite undead slipies when ever you want to feel a little dead, well yeah. Wear them when you’re watching your favorite zombie TV show, like The Walking Dead. Just as if you couldn’t get any closer to being a zombie. This is your chance, to show them off!  [Purchase]

Well to go with those flip flops, you need a nice T-Shirt to pair with them. I got just the one, that will sort of fit with your flippers, It depends on how you think of it. Well anyway check out this nice, simple T-Shirt.  [Purchase]

Oh, and hey while at it. Why don’t you pick something up for the women. I got just the thing for this zombie themed apparel. It might make her think twice about it, but I’m sure most of you won’t worry!  [Purchase]

Okay, okay that might have been a little inappropriate; but I have something for the women. This will probably suit them much more. Here is a shirt that will fit with the flippers just as well as the other one.  What do you think? Good right? [Purchase]

Here’s something a little more down sized. A zombie bracelet is perfect, if you want to show off your zombie love, without to much going on. It’s a very low price, and is a perfect gift for a zombie lover as well.  [Purchase]

Well there is a great selection of zombie fashion items here. I’ve enjoyed finding these items, just as much as I love zombies themselves. It’s reminded me that Walking Dead starts up here very soon. I can’t wait for the new season to start. Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these items, and have a good day/night/morning/you get the point.

Duck Dynasty Gear

I’m going to rack up a list of Duck Dynasty gear, that is going wrap up your love for the show.

First we have something that will make people turn their heads. If you want something to support your walking, or you  want it for looks; then this is the product for you. Check out this Duck Dynasty cane! [Purchase]

Crane, funny, Duck Dynasty

What about something a little smaller, something you could sit on your desk. This is a perfect gift for a fan of the the show. It will brighten up your room, office, etc. Some Duck Dynasty bobble heads!  [Purchase Willie]  [Purchase Jase]  [Purchase Si]  [Purchase a different one]

Well one of the best pieces of gear is just a simple T-shirt. Show off your love for the show, by wearing one of the shirts inspired by their show.  [Purchase Men’s Shirt]  [Purchase Women’s Shirt]  [Purchase different ones]

How about an object that you may use everyday. This item will hold a cup of coffee, with a little Duck and a little Dynasty rubbed off on it. That’s a fact jack!  [Purchase]

I hope I gave you a good list of some Duck Dynasty gear. Enjoy anything that you purchased, and let me know if you enjoyed the new season 4 premiere.

Breaking Bad Gear

Well it’s almost over. Breaking Bad finalizes its epic,  jaw dropping series this fall. The first episode start this weekend, and I couldn’t be anymore excited.

Until… I found some of these amazing products!

What could be a better thing to celebrate it? Well buy someone or yourself, some awesome Breaking Bad items. I’ve got a list here, that will smooth out that craving for more Breaking Bad.

Check this out! Candy that looks like the meth Walt and Jessie make in the show. It’s the purest candy you could ever eat. At 99.1% this is no doubt why Walt and Jessie made their living. No one could come close to the quality that their product entailed.  It may not have the same effect that it does in the show, but I’m sure it still tastes great. [Purchase]

Breaking Bad, AMC, END, Final Episodes

If that isn’t cool enough, then how about a large range of Breaking Bad T-Shirts? Why not publicize your passion for Breaking Bad, with one of these awesome T-shirts? These T-shirts will make you stand out. People will be double taking to read your shirt, and if they know the show then jealousy will arise! [Purchase This Shirt][Purchase Other Shirts]

Breaking Bad, AMC, END, Final Episodes

Want to decorate your room with some Breaking Bad merchandise? Well I got the perfect place for you. Posters are a great way to give your living space a little more personality. Sense you’re a breaking bad fan, why not slap on a poster of it? There is a great set of options for buying the poster as well. You can buy the regular poster, but why not buy it as a canvas, wood mount, or even laminate it. It gets pricy, but if you’re a big fan then you’ll appreciate that extra bang for the buck. [Purchase][Purchase a different one]

Breaking Bad, AMC, END, Final Episodes

Want something really special? How about an iconic hat that Walter wears in the show? Well I found just the product for you. If you like hats, and you like Breaking Bad; then this hat is for you. The hat is not officially for purchase, but you can sign up to get the release information when it’s out. [Sign up]

Breaking Bad, AMC, END, Final Episodes

Well there’s a lot of great products pertaining to Breaking Bad. These were just some of my favorites that I found, and I thought that you would enjoy them as well. Have fun with your new gear!

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