We’re the Millers

The movie starts out with an ordinary small time drug dealer. His same ole life then turns into a big mess. He gets robbed of his weed, and has to then pay a big debt. Instead of drug dealing, he know has to drug smuggle. He gets a wife who’s a former stripper, a son that lives downstairs, and a daughter who ran away from home. Which then forms the Miller family. Off to Mexico they go!

I thought the movie had a handful of great moments, that made the movie very funny. I really did enjoy the show, and would recommend it. If you enjoy raw humor, and some stupidity thrown in; then this is your movie. All the actors play their part very well, and it’s highly hilarious. Jennifer Aniston was a great choice, as this stripper who has to become a mom the very next day. She played her part very well, and makes the movie a joy. Jason Sudeikis is also very great, with plenty of OMG moments. Will Poulter and Emma Roberts are just as much funny as anyone else in the movie.

Overall the movie is a fun one to go see. It’s not amazing, nor some movie that will blow your mind. It’s a flat out go see, and laugh some.


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