Pebble Smartstick Charger

The Pebble Smartstick is a small convenient phone charger. Charge it up with your laptop, desktop, etc, and then your Smartstick is ready to charge your phone when ever, where ever. There are plenty of times, where you’re in the car, and all of a sudden you notice that your phones almost dead. This little device, if fully charged can give your phone it’s full battery life, or close to it. It’s a nice life saver, and is very small and compact. It’s a perfect gift for someone that uses their phone extensively.  [Purchase]

And for a little bonus, how about something more pertaining to art? Well Here’s some great pieces for superhero fans.

Faces of Gotham print by Danny Haas. This is an awesome piece of work, that I would hang in my room in a heartbeat. [Purchase]

Clark Man print by Danny Haas. This is another great piece that would fit great with the Faces of Gotham print. Another piece that I would hang immediately.  [Purchase]


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