The Villain Chair

So you want a chair where you can sit like a villain huh? Well this chair will definitely settle that problem, but it probably won’t make your wallet happy. Well unless you’re a villain… then you’ll probably just take it.  This chair just wants to make you go Muahhhahhahahahaa..

Well anyways, this chair is handmade of steel, chrome, and leather formed on aluminum. The chair was developed by Suck UK by the way. They will even make the chair in the color you want. So if you’re a villain that likes pink, then why not. No one is judging you..Haha! Well anyways this chair is not for any villain with a low budget. It might just make you not want to be a villain anymore. The price is… duh…duh……..dunnnn…$7,038! Well you better get to work, on what your plan is for getting it. Well you’re a so called “villain” so it shouldn’t be to hard.

Anyways, I sure do think this chair looks mighty comfy!

What do you think? How much would you actually pay for something like this?

Oh and if you do want to purchase it, here’s the link.  [Purchase]


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