Hang Nga Guesthouse

This is one crazy looking house, as it is know as the “crazy house.”

It was designed and constructed by Vietnamese woman architect Đặng Việt Nga in Đà Lạt, Vietnam.

The design portrays a tree like structure. Nga would produce paintings and then have nonprofessional local craftsmen come and build the structure from the resemblance of her paintings. Uneven windows, only a few right angles, and a cave like hallway makes this place out of the ordinary. The whole outside of the building is covered with organic branches and vines.

There are 10 guest rooms in the house, all with a special theme related to an animal. One may be the tiger, eagle, or the kangaroo room. Furniture inside the house is all hand crafted, and some of it is even build into the house itself. The whole inside is just as organic as the outside. It’s filled with animals carved in everywhere, the halls are displayed as tunnels/caves, and mushrooms grow around throughout the house.

Nga was is debt big time, so she opened the place to be a guest house. It was about $29 to $70 to visit and to stay in a room for foreigners. The place has received mix opinions, but the overall reaction is always fascinating. [Plan Your Trip!]



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