Kickstarter, Hologram HOLHO Project

IMAGINATION FARM USA LLC is the creator of this amazing kickstarter project. It’s an interesting idea, that you can take you’re smart phone and place it atop this pyramid contraption and create a holographic image. You can even buy one that allows you to use your tablet, for a much bigger image.

There are many different designs, that all cost a little more than the other. Some have a different way of showing the hologram, and others just vary for the size of device that your using. They also bundle a smart phone version with a tablet version, so that you can have two different takes on the holographic projection.

“This is how it works: the image to be projected is divided in 4 distinct images, and is reflected on the 4 faces of the pyramid creating an hologram in the center.”

Hologram, Design, Kickstarter

They are asking for a total of $58,000 and have reached a profit of $14,258 so far.  If you’re interested and want to help back their project then please head to this link. [Pledge]

HOLHO, Holographic, Kickstarter, Design, Buy, Pledge


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